By downloading any of my avatars/models, you must agree to the following terms of use.



    • Do not link directly to any downloads or files on this site, including the download page, as all users must read and agree to this before downloading anything from this site.


    • Do not redistribute any included files without giving credit and linking to the original Manganese website (http://manganese.me/).


    • This includes links to any of my files that are not giving credit, implying it is their creation, or not including the text file which is included in the original download.


    • This also includes using any of my files in other programs, games, social platforms, etc. On Second Life or IMVU, for example, it is unacceptable to re-upload/re-sell to, and I will file a DMCA and report the thief.


    • Edits and modifications are allowed and encouraged, and may be redistributed non-profit to other VRChat users via avatar pedestals, but must still include base credit to me (Kouki in VRChat) or the website (http://manganese.me/).




    • Do not profit in any way from these files. Any for-profit activities must be approved directly by Kouki via email and listed as an official partner on the Manganese website under the “Links” page.


    • You may use the models freely for entertainment and educational purposes such as videos, screenshots, etc… As long as you do not claim to be the sole creator.


    • Paid avatar comissions using this as a base count as profiting, and are not allowed without my explicit consent and being listed on the Manganese website as an official partner.\r\nThis base serves for educational, personal, non-profit purposes, not so people can make dirty money off of my hard manual labor!\r\nIf you want to profit from your modified model for money in any way, it is possible, BUT highly unlikely, so you must get my approval and\r\nconsent. The avatar must not infringe on any laws, rules, etc. and I must receive a portion of each sale which must be negotiated.


    • Report anyone who asks for money for private commissions involving my files, and is not listed on the Manganese website as a partner, and take screenshots for proof.\r\nIf they don’t have my permission, I’ll report them to VRChat and other sites they use, and file a DMCA if they run a business.




    • Any depictions of illegal or immoral content is not allowed with any of these files or avatars.\r\nMild gore/violence (such as horror-themed avatars) is usually okay as long as it does not involve immoral things such as discrimination, hate speech/expression, sexism, political, or sexual content. Anything discriminatory or inappropriate will get you banned from VRChat, and I may look into setting my files as private or whitelist-only if it becomes a problem.


    • As this was meant to be primarily for personal/educational use, it should not have problems with copyright when you make characters from\r\na game or anime as “fan art”, but please be sensible about the copyright laws of your country/region, as I am not responsible.


    • Any negotiations to profit from an obviously-copyrighted avatar will be rejected, and the same goes for parts/files ripped from games without the game company’s permission.


    • Any attempt to profit from anything ripped from other users (such as from VRChat, MMD community, etc.) will promptly be reported to the\r\noriginal creators, and to VRChat staff.


    • Do not perform sexual acts with these avatars in public and without consent. I am not responsible for what anyone makes from these,\r\nbut I will personally block and report anyone abusing this to both VRChat and Discord, for things such as unsolicited sexual content\r\n(ex: showing me or the public your explicitly-sexualized avatar without consent), which counts as sexual harassment. Please be considerate to everyone around you!


    • Do not “claim” the base avatars as your own to harass others who share a similar base avatar.


Please keep these things in mind, especially as this avatar was intended for use as a free personal avatar and learning tool within VRChat at no cost to you.

Many of these rules, are rules with which I have a zero tolerance policy, and won’t hesitate to block/report for.

If I feel that theft and disrespect for these rules is becoming a problem, I’ll stop allowing public downloads of my files.

I am counting on your good moral character to do this!

If you have agreed to everything on this page, you may download my files here:

Yes, I agree.

No, I disagree.



For general questions about avatar creation/modding, try asking in the Avatar section of the VRChat Discord,

which will likely give you more immediate answers and help from various people.

If you have any questions just for me or my creations, please use the contact form on this page.